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Goa, calling! Do we pick it up?

What are offsites & are they really important?

By Vidhi Shah

At Atomium Labs, every day is an offsite – confused?

Read on.

Imagine this: you walk into our office, and you will see two extreme things: a designer, wearing headphones, deep in work. Two, there’s the National Creative Director playing cricket. It’s almost bizarre to say it out loud. After all, very few people might actually believe this.

Every day is an offsite.

We learn we fail, we regroup and get back on track. If you paused at ‘we fail’ then I have a story for you. We were at our annual offsite this year, out of the city – can’t fool everyone by saying every day is offsite, isn’t it? We had one day of discussions, our shorthand on an individual and organizational level. What struck me is exactly what caught your attention. Failure. The one thing most of us are afraid of. At this 2-hour something meeting, we came to the conclusion we mustn’t fear failure. Especially if we get to learn from it. Then if you think about it, it’s a win!

Every day is an offsite.

We are building relationships throughout the year. You don’t need an offsite to build connections. Respect & empathy – are pillars of any relationship. Say you’re having a day, And someone brings you dessert or slips you a positive note in your diary. That’s exactly who we are!

Every day is an offsite.

A safe space for creativity. We make paper planes and fly them in the office. Enough said.

Every day is an offsite.

Absolutely fun. So why did we need to road trip to Goa again this year if every day is an offsite? The shorter answer is – the beach always calls us. And it’s disrespectful to not go. The longer answer, however, is that we wanted to celebrate. Our wins, our failures, our bond. And this year, we have had some! Goa holds a special place in our hearts. Initially, all of us were skeptical about the long drive there but once we were in the car, we forgot about it. Except for that one time when we got stuck in traffic at the Ghats. We definitely reconsidered taking the flight! But jokes aside, the answer to the title of the blog is yes, in a heartbeat.

When we come back to base, we are hungover from the lovely views and sound of the beach. We come back prepared & geared for the year that follows.

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